Bring The Outdoors in with the Internal DayLodge Kit

Creating a safe space for residents, staff and visitors to enable
valuable social contact at this challenging time.

Based on the same technology found in the DAYLODGE™ from Edison & Day®, we've created a modular install kit designed to create a safe space for vulnerable residents to meet their families and friends inside the care home. .

Available to be supplied in part or in full complete with new furniture, the internal DayLodge kit includes and aluminium and toughened glass extrusion complete with an audio speech transfer system and hidden automated decontamination system.
The internal DayLodge kit can be installed quickly and easily, providing a comfortable and familiar space for visitation.

At Edison & Day®, we understand that your priority has to be the health, safety and wellbeing of your residents, staff and visitors. This has resulted in many residents not seeing their loved ones for several months.

Both our DayLodge™ & internal DayLodge™ Kit provides the opportunity to welcome visitors back without compromising safety, or adding greatly to your staff's workload.

Easy Does It

During this difficult time, we understand that there are many extra demands being put on care home staff. Additional cleaning can just add to the pressure they’re already feeling. With our Automatic Sanitisation System, the internal DAYLodge can be fully-sanitised at the end of each visit, simply by pressing a button. Ready for the next resident and their family, to enjoy.

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Your Internal DAYLodge™ Kit can be delivered and installed, within 20 working days . For more information, please submit the form below we'll get straight in touch.

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