10 Ways to Bring More Light into Your Home

It’s important to consider how you can incorporate plenty of light into your environment, especially in contract environments such as care homes and hotels.

Below are 10 easy ways you can bring light to any area.

  1.  Tie back your curtains

    By making sure your curtains can be tied back out of the way, you can introduce a cost-effective way of increasing light in any room.

  2.  Make sure your windows are unobstructed - and clean them

    By leaving windows unobstructed and uncluttered, you can give the feel of enhanced natural light in even the darkest rooms. Not only this, even just giving your windows a clean can make a world of difference!

  3.  Consider swapping out curtains seasonally or introducing lighter, translucent curtains.

    Whilst it might be inappropriate for some spaces like hotel rooms or care homes to forgo blackout curtains, some areas can benefit from translucent or light-coloured fabrics to let more light through.

  4.  Make sure outdoor spaces are accessible and open where available

    In better weather, keeping access to outdoor spaces open can be a simple and cost-free solution to increasing light when redecoration isn't possible.

  5.  Fill in gaps in natural light with highly hung light sources

    High up lights simulate natural daylight, and by filling in gaps with artificial light, you create an even lighting texture.

  6.  Consider recessed lighting

    Recessed lighting in shelving and on ceilings can illuminate dark spots and make shelving more accessible to those with restricted vision.

  7.  Bookshelves and partitions should be perpendicular to windows

    When partitions and large pieces of furniture are parallel to windows, it can make the room appear darker.

  8.  Use mirrors or mirror art

    An easy one, but as mirrors reflect light they become an obvious choice for strategically placing to brighten up dark corners.

  9.  Use matte paint or wallpaper

    Whilst glossy paint reflects light, matte paint reflects light much more evenly. Make sure to choice white or pale shades to open up the space.

  10.  Paint your ceilings pale shades and colours

    Light coloured ceilings give the illusion of height and make rooms look larger and brighter.