Summer Colours 2018 | Care Home Interiors

Summer colours can see you through the whole year if you choose them right - some more subtle ones can be adapted for optimal cosiness during winter, and the brighter ones can keep spirits high until spring!

Using Design Seeds and our Pinterest board, we've curated a few summer colour palettes that you can use as inspiration for your next care home interiors project.

  1. Mosaic Tones

Summer Colours 2018 for care homes

We love this pastel and subtle range of hues that look straight out of an Mediterranean island. Accenting a simple selection of greys with a splash of warm peach tones, you've got a classic summer look that can work all year round.

We've matched it here with lounge furniture in our Annecy Range, like our Round Side Table and Large 2 Drawer Coffee Table, as well as our fire retardant curtains in Accent Peach for a plain option, or Danebury Leaf Sienna for a patterned alternative. As for chairs, our bespoke upholstery options allow for a wide range of options involving all of these colours - we love a classic duo-look with contrasting exterior panels. For this, we've chosen Nova Faux Suede in Oatmeal and contrasting Aros Woven in Zinc


2. Wander Tones

summer colours care home interiors

This desert hued palette is warm enough to stay tasteful all year round. Warm toned browns/neutrals with a splash of sky blue is a recipe for success - in Summer it echoes beaches and travel, in winter it feels warm with a splash of ice.

We've matched it with pieces from our Nimbus Collection, such as this sideboard and coffee table. Furniture upholstered in sandy tones such as Islington in Quill and pale blues like Vyflex in Duck Egg or patterned Chenille textures like Carnaby in Mint Duck Egg work with this scheme, as do curtains such as Secret Honey and Stockholm Duck Egg.

3. Fresh Hues

summer colours

This bright and fresh selection of colours may not work in winter months, but it's definitely a refreshing palette fit for the summer. With sherbet hues and a splash of hot orange and grass green, this scheme brings forth thoughts of barbecues, garden fetes, and watermelons.

To match this scheme we suggest fire retardant curtains in Karl Blush or Olive, furnishings from our Stockholm Range such as this Nest of Lamp Tables. We also recommend upholstery in colours like Lana in Poppy and Grass, Lugano in Flowerpot, Reno Japan, or Taurus Grass