What to expect from Edison & Day® once you place your order

What to expect from Edison & Day® once you place your order

If you are reading this article, you have either just placed an order or are looking to place an order, either on our website or by speaking to our team and you want to know what will happen after your order is placed!

The main stages of your order journey

  • Order acknowledged
  • Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery

  • Order Acknowledged

    As soon as you have placed your order you will receive an order acknowledgement email from us outlining the details of what you have ordered so you can check what you have ordered is correct and so you can let us know if anything needs to be amended.

    If you are paying by proforma invoice, you will receive an email with your proforma invoice attached, and your order will then be processed once payment has been made. Once we have received the payment or your payment was made over the phone or online, or if you have a credit account with us, your order will then be processed.


    Your order is then processed by our operations team and the relevant materials are ordered or allocated from stock if they are stocked components. Once the materials are ordered or allocated, your order is then scheduled into our manufacturing schedule which gives us a date by which the furniture or furnishings will be manufactured, we can then estimate a delivery date.

    Once your order has been processed and scheduled, you will receive an order confirmation email which will include your estimated delivery date. This is usually within 24 hours from when the order is placed or when payment has been received.


    Your order is then manufactured in one of our two factory locations in the UK, cabinets are made in our factory in Derbyshire and chairs, depending on the style, are either also made in Derbyshire or in our Wiltshire factory.

    Once your furniture has been manufactured it then undergoes strict quality control checks and your items are then wrapped and prepared for delivery.

    We partner with a manufacturer near Manchester for all our curtains and soft furnishings, these items undergo the same extensive quality control checks as our furniture.


    The day before your furniture is due to be delivered you will receive a phone call from our logistics team booking the delivery in with your home to ensure that you know the delivery is coming and to ensure you are still able to take the goods.

    Your order is then loaded onto one of our vans and is delivered, not just to the front door, but into your home and into your chosen room. We then take away all packaging and rubbish leaving you with a room your residents can move straight into.

    If you have got to the end of this article thinking, I need my order this time next week, can they really do all of this in just 5 days? The answer is yes, we absolutely can. We have perfected the manufacturing process over the past decade or so and operate our factories using the lean principle which enables us to manufacture furniture to order and deliver it to your home in as little as 5 working days.

    I trust this article has given you an insight into what happens behind the scenes at Edison & Day® once you have placed your order but if you have any other questions, please be sure to check out our learning centre, contact us via live chat or by using the button below.

    Who is Edison & Day?

    We are a UK manufacturer of care home furniture and have been supplying the market with high-quality furniture for 15 years, we create furniture and experiences that have the personal touch.

    We have the largest care home furniture selection in the UK that is available to order online and with our industry-leading Dayex service, you can have your new furniture in as little as 5 working days.

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